JUICE by Tiffany Bouelle

JUICE by Tiffany Bouelle

"Guilty Pleasures" 2020


When marketing's going too far.


During this period of confinement the man focuses on himself.

The artist present an exclusive collection of "essentials arts products" to 

talk about the feeling of guilt that inductrial products engenders, the current trend is to play sports and eat healthy while the big indutrial groups gather efforts to sell their products through marketing strategies surfing on trends (ex the use of green to signify that the product is natural)


Tiffany Bouelle decides to use products collected in her trash and reappropriate them by rewriting a realistic packaging of the product content in two words, its main component and its emotional impact.



"We are what we eat so why do we spend our time feeling guilty during this confinement"


    999,99 € Prix original
    909,99 €Prix promotionnel
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